Monday, October 31, 2011

Coral-lated: Nightmare On MF Street

What a day! Though my MF position was small and I had cashed out on several winning positions last week - bringing my SBA portfolio to about 72% cash on Friday, I stayed up all night awaiting news on MF. In hindsight, I could have done some more cashing out as the one MF position I should have really cashed out on remained in my portfolio.

MF was a star in my portfolio last week and on average, I made two double percentage gaining trades with MF very quickly, banking an average of +22.53% on both trades along with profit-taking on JRCC and CENX. All of a sudden, the excitement skidded to a halt and the crash occurred - with barely a eulogy for the stock that could have turned me into Top(less) Chef if position sizing (and share halting) hadn't saved me. When will MF shares resume trading - if ever?

After quite some time with very little action on CENX and JRCC, I literally fell asleep with buy orders placed @ $11.11 and $10.10. CENX nearly got hit, but since it closed the day quite near its low, I'm moving my buy order down a bit further to target the $10.25 area since that shows very active price action on the way up. Even more active was $9.50, but will things break down that fast?

JRCC is holding up a lot better, but I'd like to see Money Flow move into oversold territory before I get in, so will also be moving the bid on this one down one notch to target $9.25.

Had shares on MF not been halted today, I would be getting quite a lot of hate mail from the market - as if things aren't bad enough already:

-1.02% SBA
-5.65% Roth IRA

-2.26% DJIA
-1.93% Nasdaq
-2.47% S&P

+22.14% VIX

-2.77% FTSE
-2.17% Eurofirst, breaking and closing below 1000 again...

I was just making progress again, HSFTs! From July till October, even with losses taken on AMD, BAC, GEN, and ZZ, I ended up with profits of about +15.63% ROI. [Taking losses and increasing trading capital brought the batting average down, but I'm still on my way to a slow recovery that'll hopefully continue to gain momentum}.

MF nearly put an end to my dreams of being Head Chef at the Hell's Kitchen Trading Floor. But it seems I've learned a bit of humility with position sizing through my TETSOB days and this managed to minimise the sting just a tiny bit. But getting into a stock literally minutes before it filed for bankruptcy? That's a scarlet letter I'll be carrying around for some time!

JRCC: OK, I'm Not Going To Turn This Into An MF Vigil Here...

Moving on and looking for my next trade! Have been trying to get into JRCC and CENX, but the drop so far isn't tempting enough for me.

On JRCC, there's a really interesting H&S formation on MACD. It seems like it's about to occur on Money Flow too.

Since the markets have a bearish undertone today, will the H&S formation cause an even steeper sell-off - and will I be able to catch a falling knife without getting cut?

MF Files For Chapter 11

Out of DVR @ $2.334...

Gross profit of +10.63%...

Attempting a buy on dip order @ $1.99, but could be a very long shot...

More On MF Share Halting...

MF Shares Halted (

I totally need to get my focus away from MF now because this could be the perfect 'buy on a dip' opportunity...

The Keyword In This Article Is Desperate...

Why'd they have to halt trading of the shares? I don't think they even halted Lehman shares so quickly.

Now I can't even get a penny back...

I'm Going Into the Confessional Booth And Praying That...

... perhaps BFF Forex Broker would be willing to buy out MF Global since they're now a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE...

But who would need to buy MF now that the NY Fed basically fired the warning shot signifying that all MF clients should now run for their lives? Business will be flocking elsewhere automatically and MF is basically done...

MF Suspended From Doing Business With NY Fed...

Major MF Rumours, HSFTs!

I decided to do some research again this weekend and when MF made it on the home page of FT, I started waking up.

Dude, why didn't anyone tell me this was a Lehman-style catastrophe waiting in the wings?

I cancelled my additional buy and will not be averaging in. However, I'm keeping my sell order @ $3.99 in case... in case it doesn't go bankrupt. And maybe I'll buy some MF junk bonds if it does go bankrupt.

Thank God this wasn't a huge position, or I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight...

If 9FM finds out I'm into distressed investing, would he think less of me? Wait, what am I saying? He's into distressed investing too...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fake Bake

I got faked out of JRCC big time, so what's new?

I'm still going to wait for a potential retracement, failing which I'll need to get into some other stock in order to keep the positive cashflow momentum alive. Can't look back - gotta look forward!

+0.39% SBA
+0.78% Roth IRA

+0.18% DJIA
-0.05% Nasdaq
+0.04% S&P

-0.20% FTSE
-0.19% Eurofirst


Phony Cronies...

Just a thought...

What if bid sizes and ask sizes could be faked? Suppose you put in a very high bid size knowing that it's never going to get hit or put in a very high ask size knowing no one else will be able to catch such a high volume?

Are bid and ask sizes entirely reliable?

I'm thinking of shifting my focus away from these two parameters alone - and hopefully, Money Flow could be a more accurate indicator.

Obama FT Article

Perhaps he should have written one called A Firewall To Stop the US' Crisis Spending?

And maybe I'll write one too called A Firefighter To Stop ForexDiva's Crisis Shopping?

I Should Be Making This Amount of Moola Every Week!

How do I reach this goal? I've made a lot of mistakes lately - particularly being too bullish at the wrong time and too fraidy at the wrong time too.

I just looked back on that JRCC position that I sold too early and that could have been a pretty impressive gain for me.

Now, I'm left wondering whether I sold too early once again? But seriously - hitting a low of $5.41 and pushing to a high of $11.29 all in one month? Now that's volatile!

That's a +108% gain for the traders lucky enough to catch $5.41 and sell at $11.29... Lucky you!!

I just checked my MarketCaster and no big movers today, so I'm going to have to research more stocks to add to my MarketCaster pronto.

OK, HSFTs... I'm Going To Attempt Some Crazy Prices...

So if CENX and JRCC fall 1% below their daily lows, at around $11.38 and $10.12 respectively, I'm in...

I Missed $0.99 on MF...

My 'average in' bid was @ $0.81, but my original position is still a paper loss...

Gosh, is it going to get a delisting notice?

Out of JRCC @ $10.81

Retracements were pretty sharp when I got out, so I might have been faked out...

China Manufacturing is out on Monday...

Out of CENX

@ $12.16...

Thought it might have gotten rejected from $12.25 level and most importantly, I noticed that usually on the annual charts of stock indices, there's a pullback in late October, followed by another high.

So I want to try to buy on a pullback - possibly at my original entry level.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

For Once, I'm (Almost) Speechless...

Today was the single biggest gaining day in ForexDiva history - or so it seems!

VIX finally broke and closed below the 29 - 30 area, triggering a tonne of pent up buying repression from Professors of Finance the world over and jolting them to price action.

The dynamics we're seeing are so different from just a few weeks back. Now we've got the prospect of repatriation of US troops on the horizon, US GDP growth back at 2.5%, some sort of European Debt Crisis Resolution.

I inadvertently bumped into a money-making strategy to my liking throughout this severe market turmoil - playing stock downgrades. With first-hand experience through holding onto a stock that has been downgraded - namely JRCC - I kind of now know what to expect. There's money to be made!

MF (-15.88%) was no longer hot today, suggesting too much volume is in this stock and we've got to wait for the calm before the storm. My question is will we see another round of selling pressure since it closed way below its daily 50% retracement level and very close to today's low? Would it be wise to place a bid an arbitrary % below the annual low at $1.07 right now?

I failed to bank any of my gains today and constantly glance back at selling BCS (+17.37%) too early. Though I didn't bank anything today, I'm setting my sights higher - to the 50% annual Fib level of many stocks. On TGB, it's right around the corner and I'm targeting the $4.40 - $4.50 level.

Just a note that Nasdaq is now just 149.12 points away from the annual high!

+7.41% SBA (yes, yes, yes!!!)
+7.29% Roth IRA (Oh, Professor... even NMR went up!)

+2.86% DJIA
+3.31% Nasdaq
+3.43% S&P

+2.89% FTSE
+3.69% Eurofirst (finally closed above 1000)

-14.53% VIX

Some beautiful highlights of stocks in my portfolio:

+9.56% BAC
+18.88% CENX
+9.41% DVR
+7.90% HWD
+14.75% JRCC
+4.96% MFG
+9.02% NMR
+5.65% TGB

EATR, IDGG, and LEHMQ - also still in my portfolio and unfortunately, still losers... but will one of them hit it big one day?

I've got an idea to start a third portfolio that will only focus on one trading strategy, but as it is, it is very difficult to switch back and forth between portfolios in E*Trade. There's at least a two-second lag and it's very difficult to trade a few positions at the same time. So right now, I've been focusing on the SBA and not paying enough attention to the Roth IRA.

I wish I could view all my accounts on one page and make trades directly from that page...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lucky Duck

Not to get all religious on you, but right now, I really feel truly blessed. Today was my second consecutive quick-pip double-digit percentage profit-taking day and it was somewhat unnerving, but I got out of it with a tonne of financial dignity. Observing market action and key price levels over the past few weeks is finally beginning to pay off once again. And a tiny voice now urges me to think outside the box because oftentimes, just when you think you know the market, the market does a spin-spin-spin on you and you have to know when to duck.

My evil premonition from yesterday's post that MF could hit $1.1289 today really occurred and in a split-second tailor-swift kind of move, I bought more MF @ $1.20 even though my paper losses were thicker than my glasses. It was definitely a risk, but in this case, it paid off. We ended up retracing the incomprehensible -40-something % downturn MF took earlier in the day to close at -8.60%. For a stock with a 1.0 beta, this is deeply uncharacteristic, sparking a possibly unprecedented dust storm with 136 million shares of MF exchanged today - about 28x the 3-month average.

Fib levels... they really work!

-0.28% SBA (took +46.66% profit on partial MF)
+1.50% Roth IRA (not sure exactly how this happened?)

+1.39% DJIA
+0.46% Nasdaq
+1.05% S&P

-7.32% VIX

Notice how Nasdaq did not outpace DJIA and S&P... Most of the buying occurred with DJIA stocks - typically bluechips. This is usually a sign of caution and not straight up bullishness.

+0.50% FTSE (GOLs aren't speeding ahead either)
+0.12% Eurofirst

I'm looking to a pop of VIX to buy some stocks - possibly in the Nasdaq. My fear is that since I have cashed out recently, I am erring to the side of being too fraidy. Following a European Debt Resolution, it's likely that we'll see a more directional break on VIX - probably to the downside, which means that the stock indices will head up. So if that happens, am I positioned for maximum trading plaisir?

EU calls for medium-term bank debt guarantees

Sold Partial MF Position @ $1.76

Thank the Lord! What a comeback...

I'm riding the remaining MF position in hope that it will not only breakeven, but also knife all the way up to $3.75 - $3.99.

Profit of $0.56 per share, or +46.66% in a few hours...

One Stock Per Week

Interesting article with a strategy that I want to try out...


For lunch, I seared some scallops and served them over the Terrance Brennan parmesan risotto with porcini mushrooms, asparagus, and green peas from FreshDirect. It was yummy and I would definitely visit Picholine when I get a chance. And for just $7.99, I think it was a pretty good addition to my meal - definitely a lot more convenient than spending 50 minutes stirring a pan of risotto over a hot stove.

I have a secret objective to visit at least one Michelin-rated restaurant a month - if my trading goes well or if 9FM decides to work with me again. I had so much fun visiting restaurants in Hong Kong that I wouldn't mind doing it here in New York.

I see my MF trade isn't doing that great though, but it may be too soon to tell. I'll think of this as my version of the European Debt Trade. And crazy as it may seem, I'm upping my price target on the full MF position. Recall my previous JRCC bullish break trade that I sold too early. It had a similar pattern - similar dynamics with JRCC being downgraded following European Debt Crisis chatter, pushing prices to the bearish extreme. However, once it broke above the 25 period SMA on the 10-day 15-minute chart, the bears got clobbered left and right, front and back.

So I'm upping my target and for the moment, I'll watch all levels closely... More importantly, I'm following Money Flow to see whether it forms a double bottom.

MF Bullish Divergence

Last time I declared bearish divergence on JRCC, it kept on rising non-stop.

So let's see if this MF bullish divergence turns out to be hotter than Abishek Bachchan. MACD and Money Flow are semi-supportive here:

Into More MF @ $1.20

They don't call me crazy for nothing...

Initial target = 50% daily Fib level at around $1.61

This Is Totally My Story...

You, MF! I Swear I Turned Away For Two Seconds...

... to accept a FreshDirect delivery and stock all my goodies away - and MF retraced on me big time. Seriously! -13.44% in the blink of an eye?

When did it hit $2.15? My sell was placed at $2.48. I was totally oblivious and putting away some Heat & Eat 4-Minute Meals from Terrance Brennan, who apparently is Michelin-rated.

Anyway, he has stuff available at FreshDirect, so of course I had to try it.

Well, there goes my lunch money!

So far in the day, all my losses are from MF.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Complete Sell

Is this what they would call down home south? If I didn't have that bit of extracurricular MF profit-taking fun today, I would be having quite an angry fit right now. With one roar, the bears grabbed back most of the gains my portfolio made yesterday.

To recap, I caught another round of MF @ $1.915. MF closed the day with a very precipitous -47.61% daily decline, but I was able to mainly get in at some lows - for now. If I had bought @ $3.55, I sure as sell wouldn't be happy right now.

The good news is that the 25-period SMA on the 10-day 15-minute MF chart is now close enough to current pricing for it to try a break above it. If that happens, a quick reversal could be imminent and if we get really crazy, today's high of $3.31 is fair game - and failing that, at the least a retest of today's 50% daily Fib level at about $2.53. The downside is... who can predict the bears nowadays? We could just as well get a dose of $1.1289, which is about 31.8% of yesterday's close of $3.55.

With such market-moving action today, MF is bound to be on the radar of many traders and faders tomorrow. My profit taking will need to be swift as volume was about 22.55x the 10-day average today.

-3.10% SBA
-2.28% Roth IRA

-1.74% DJIA
-2.26% Nasdaq (yikes - we closed just 45.10 points above the 50% annual Fib level on Nasdaq)
-2.00% S&P

-0.41% FTSE
-0.65% Eurofirst
+9.54% VIX

Oh, Lord Almighty! I can't take anymore... CENX reported a Q3 loss of 7 cents per share... Spare me, bears!

A Diva's Allowed To Change Her Mind, Right?

I'm so excited my hands are shaking! I'm into MF again @ $1.915 - a smaller position size than before, but what made me change my mind was the stark contrast of sentiment between the buyers and the sellers in the form of bid and ask sizes. Bid sizes started getting ridiculously small - three figure blocks and ask sizes were in the five figures.

I decided I didn't want to wait and jumped right in!

I Changed My Mind About MF Again...

I lowered my target buy to $1.79 with a lower position size...

But you knew about my bi-polar tendencies already!

It seems like $2.30 got rejected and it appears MF has quite a bit of European debt exposure. In case it goes down further tomorrow, my moola will be out of harm's way.

And in case it goes up, I'll have an excuse to give you an earful...

Thinking Of Getting Into MF Again @

$2.15... but how much more upside is there?

If I buy again, I'd definitely have to decrease my original position size in order to avoid giving back today's gains.

My plan now is to buy again on a -1% break of the day's low with a target buy @ $1.73. Who knows? It could be a bimbo daydream, but what could be crazier than my prices? It's better than buying again at $2.15, then having it retrace on me. Consolidation has been occurring from the $2.17 to $2.25 range, but though we're not seeing higher prices, there is some semblance of support here...

If it goes up $0.60 tomorrow, I'll totally be ticked off...

Fine, I'll be semi-schizophrenic and put in a $2.15 buy with a lower position size...

Is the Market Alive?

It seems it's gotten a little slow...

Or is it just my MarketCaster?

Out of MF @ $2.2402...

Oh yes, oh yes!

I was initially targeting $2.99, but then I thought, maybe the 50% daily Fib level would be a good way to go. Then, I noticed some selling at $2.25 already, so I got out as fast as I could.

Now that was a quick pip!

If only this could be an everyday occurrence at ForexDiva...

P.S. +13.71% in literally minutes...

I Don't Want To Hear Any Oedipus Complex Jokes, OK?

Into MF @ $1.97...

How can one not scoop up a -45.35% decline? Is it going out of business? Not quite... just seems it missed estimates by about $0.15 a share.

It was a comparatively small position - so in case it was a bimbo move, damage is relatively contained...

Plus, 52WL was @ $1.75, which evidently was formed today.

Dear HSFTs, I Confess...

Right now, I'm daydreaming about my future boyfriend being a VIX trader!

+7.28% so far in the day? Who wouldn't daydream about VIX traders?

Do you reckon they are even more alpha than the GOLs?

Another Dose of Pre-Halloween Spook

Right off of WSJ:

Euro-zone finance ministers' meeting scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled; euro tumbles.

Time to buy BCS on a dip? Let's see if I can get my ideal price...

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Diva's Got BAC!

You don't know about BAC?

Oh, but my portfolio wasn't all BAC (+4.02%). I've also got:

CENX +9.67%
DVR +3.08%
JRCC +7.30%
TGB +7.08%
HWD +7.83%

I wasn't feeling that well all day, but when I opened up my portfolio, it all changed! If only I hadn't let go of the additional JRCC partial position, GTE, AA, BCS, and taken a loss on the partial BAC position... I faked myself out, but now I'm BAC - sort of!

And now there may be more riding on the way. I looked at BAC options expiring on 19 November 2011 and the $7.50 - $10 levels look like market buddy hotspots. We've still got some options yet to expire for the 28 October 2011 strike date.

+4.09% SBA
+2.68% Roth IRA

+0.89% DJIA
+2.35% Nasdaq
+1.29% S&P

+1.08% FTSE
+1.11% Eurofirst (wondering if we'll break above 1000 this week?)

We keep touching right about 29 on VIX (-6.58%) and then getting a reversal. Will we finally get a chance to go riding into Q4 and actually do some straight up profit taking? Bwahahaha...

From the way I like to Bwahahaha, it would appear that Halloween is my favourite holiday. In fact, I hate it most. But in the past, it has often marked the beginning of the end for the bears...

But it really depends on whether the bulls are are BAC...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Obama: We Salute You!

Bringing back the troops will be additional economic stimulus as after World War II, an economic boom resulted after the troops (and their wallets) were repatriated back to the US. Repatriation - that's what it's all about! And we all know how history is likely to repeat itself - hopefully, this time, it'll be in a good way.

+0.42% SBA
+0.42% Roth IRA

I swear this is true!

+2.31% DJIA
+1.49% Nasdaq
+1.88% S&P

Apologies to the GOLs and the Tall European Men who are getting 60% haircuts on Greek debt. But it doesn't seem you mind at all:

+1.93% FTSE
+2.50% Eurofirst

Happy Shiny Weekend to all the SENSEXy and FOREXy Global Masters of the Universe!

Next week, I reckon I'll have some price action to my liking...

Into BAC @ $6.388

Placed it in the Roth IRA as part of a one-cancels-all order...

BCS did not get executed, although I wanted to buy it @ $11.03...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Went Up?

I can't figure it out, HSFTs! I set myself a profit-taking goal this week and even after doing a whole lot of research involving daily folders and colour-coordination of stocks, I still ended up getting dinged.

I'm not at all pleased by my performance this week, so I'm going to need to step up the efforts.

I open up and got a pre-Halloween Bwahahaha scare with the 'Libya Confirms Gaddafi Killed' image on the front page. That's a little TMI there, FT editors. We don't actually need to see the post-mortem, thank you.

My Ray of Shining Light, 9FM, gave me a call late at night as I was making a risotto well past 2:00 am (what? I haven't had risotto for a year...) to thank me for the holiday gift I sent him. It's his holiday in a few days and I was initially slightly ticked off that he missed our scheduled conference call earlier, but when he called later and sounded absolutely elated about the gift, I forgot my anger almost immediately. He's quite a gentleman, he is. I think he's even slightly charming.

And since he was single-handedly responsible for my financial well-being this year, I had to show him some gratitude. And a lot of gratitude it was! First, I sent him some traditional desserts for his office some time after our project. Then, I presented him with a customised limited edition Hermes tie. Now, for his holiday, I sent him some more traditional saffron desserts and some beautiful pastries.

My main goal is not only to get more business from him, but to smooth out our previous hiccup. And I'm happy that I was able to at least do the second part because on the whole, it was nice working with him. I told him very frankly that I would like to be known for my work, not for my gifts. Then, I presented him with a business development proposal for the next year, which he is reviewing now.

I'm not a good sales woman, HSFTs. But hopefully, he will see that I can do my job.

+0.94% SBA (what went up here because it doesn't seem like anything really moved?)
+0.07% Roth IRA

+0.32% DJIA
-0.21% Nasdaq
+0.46% S&P

I'm going to do some more research tonight and review what I did wrong and how I can do it right next week. The FT shouldn't be showing us post-mortems, but we need to be doing a trading post-mortem every once in a while...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spruce Lee

Why is it that every time I try to enjoy myself, I get stiffed with a portfolio retracement? Cal Dive turned into a no-nonsense nosedive, falling -8.13% today. It kind of makes sense since crude oil inventories fell so much, the speculation is that there would have been a lot less drilling. But DVR really got the worst of it out of all the oil shovel sellers. Let's wait for DO and PD earnings announcement later in the week before we make a snap judgment, shall we? Plus, DVR is already trading at such low P/S and P/B levels. The oil drillers have been sold off early in the game already. I say it's time for a rebound, especially as supply is starting to taper off.

My portfolio might have lost the spring in its step, but I gave my corporate web site a makeover - and got one of my own. After spending a few hours at the salon and the spa yesterday, I have some sparkly red strands in my hair and boy do they make me happy! I've always wanted red hair, but now I've got the best of both worlds - not having to dye my hair but at the same time gaining a few red sparkly party diva strands known as hair tinsel. Looks like I'm almost two years late with this trend as Beyonce sported them in 2010.

If I hadn't been scheduled to meet 9FM in June, I would have gotten them earlier, but it's never too late to have fun!

Yesterday, a beautiful:

+2.72% SBA
+2.27% Roth IRA

+1.58% DJIA
+1.63% Nasdaq
+2.04% S&P

Today, suffering from a very big pre-Halloween Bwahaha treat from the despicable bears:

-1.90% SBA
-2.57% Roth IRA

-0.63% DJIA
-2.01% Nasdaq
-1.26% S&P

-2.51% WTI Crude
-2.38% Brent Crude

+9.13% VIX

+0.74% FTSE

I'm looking in my VIX-correlated stocks folder for a potentially good play...

Who knows what the Eurozone emergency pre-summit meeting will result in, but the GOLs seem to have one foot in the water?

Very Little Change We Can Believe In With DVR So Far...

Yet, crude oil inventories declined by a surprising -4.7 million barrels.

Since oil prices have gone down so much over the summer, could this simply be a reflection of the lack of confidence that industry has in future demand? It's natural to be in selling mode when prices are going down and no one will want to keep any inventory during such a state.

One potentially bright light: Chevron's $13 billion stockpile in cash!

OMG... A Few More Minutes Till Crude Oil Inventories!

Will it move my market since I'm into DVR?

I think I'm going to faint...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Into DVR: A Lot of Waiting, But No Mating

Here I am, waiting to buy on a dip and not making even one pip.

So I decided to dive into DVR, another oil industry shovel seller since we've got two oil industry cronies with earnings announcements later this week - namely CPX on 19 October and DO on 20 October.

I jumped into the pool at $2.1096 with a smaller position size than I had initially wanted since I didn't get the price I desired. I wasn't going to sit back and let another horse pass me by!

I'm off to the spa later today, so probably won't have time to blah before then. A diva's gotta hit the reset button every once in a while too.

As of now, I'm +2.74% on the SBA and +2.06% on the Roth IRA.

I pray that I'll be able to take profit later this week, HSFTs!

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Act of Bimboism

HSFTs, I have sinned... I overlooked a few key details with my recent AMD trade and I want to go over them with you right now.

The most important detail of all is that Intel earnings announcement is tomorrow! Moreover, I bought a key psychological level that hasn't yet proven itself as support and it turned out to be resistance.

So I'm going to use this information in tomorrow's trading session. If AMD drops further and there's enough of a reward for me to get back into the trade, I'm going to use the $4.75-$4.99 resistance level as a target to get out of the trade. There'll have to be at least $0.50 profit potential for me to get into this trade as I lost $0.30 per share on this recent AMD trade. So if it hits $4.25 in tomorrow's trading, I'm in.

I'm also eyeing BAC for another quick play tomorrow. BAC is before the bell and Intel is after the bell.

I lost a few horses over the past few sessions - a JRCC partial position that I sold too early that you're never going to stop hearing about, BAC partial position at a loss, BCS full position that I sold too early that you're also never going to stop hearing about, and AMD at a loss.

There's a Chinese story about a guy who lost a horse that I want to share with my fellow Market Buddy Crony Capitalist Equestrians. You can read it here...

But I mention this story because: I want to go to war with the bears, darn it! So I'm going to have to look for more horses and hopefully, they'll bring me back some more horses because I just love riding so much and I know you do too...

-2.11% SBA
-0.45% Roth IRA

-2.13% DJIA
-1.98% Nasdaq
-1.94% S&P

Out of AMD @ $4.69...

Pretty quick loss of $0.30 per share - or about 6% gross...

And I had to buy it at Extended Hours commission didn't I?

I did a whole bunch of research over the weekend and colour-coordinated all the stocks I wanted to buy with a folder for everyday of the week.

I'm not going to let this take the wind out of my sail!

Friday, October 14, 2011

First Friday In A While

where trading has been so blissful. Nasdaq continued to head higher, remaining ahead of its counterparts. JRCC broke through some more resistance, leaving me wondering why I decided to get fraidy at exactly the wrong time. Why, HSFTs? Why? LOL.

I'm going to look into some SENSEXy stocks again to find out whether the Maharajas of India are the most alpha Masters of the Universe - or whether the GOLs still remain Reigning Alpha Kings?

+2.14% SBA
-0.40% Roth IRA

+1.45% DJIA
+1.82% Nasdaq
+1.74% S&P

Why Do Stocks Only Go Up When I Let Go of Them?

I've got to find a way to be more accurate!

This weekend, I'm going to brush up on what analysts are saying and the levels they're watching...

I Messed Up My Portfolio Recovery...

by selling JRCC too early and declaring bearish divergence on a stock that hasn't stopped rising to the top.

I lament the profits I didn't make, but rejoice at the recovery on a position that represented one of the fastest declines in ForexDiva history.

I'm of two minds - should I attempt to average in again or should I restrain myself?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Extended Hours Play: Into AMD @ $4.99...

In the first ever ForexDiva Extended Hours Play, I purchased AMD @ $4.99 on the back of good news coming out of Google.

I looked at an AMD 10-day 15-minute chart briefly and noticed Money Flow has been slowly edging up. If we get a crossover, this could give us enough momentum to really push prices up.

Wish me luck, my crony capitalist BFF market buddies!

What's Cooking?

I let go of two positions today - namely GTE and BCS, but I've still got several on the boil, including a partial position of BAC in both accounts, CENX, EATR and IDGG from my hey maybe penny stocks is a good idea days, JRCC, TGB, HWD, LEHMQ, MFG, and NMR.

Are these duds ever going to turn into studs?

The trouble with the penny stocks is that even if you wish to sell, due to lack of volume, it's near impossible. So if you get into a bad one, it's like trading a junk bond.

Speaking of which - when will Lehman emerge from bankruptcy?

Good news from Nasdaq today as it held above the 50% annual Fib level and also sped ahead of its counterparts, closing the day in the green.

-0.59% SBA
-0.43% Roth IRA

-0.35% DJIA
+0.60% Nasdaq
-0.30% S&P

I dodged a partial -5.47% BAC retracement bullet by selling yesterday, but missed out on an additional $0.80 per share profit on BCS.

Google just beat estimates... too bad I didn't do a technology play, but I usually don't do technology plays anyway.

Is it time to start changing my diva ways?

Out of BCS @ 11.0607...

Attempting a re-fire at original entry of $10.2993, but must wait until this trade settles as my Roth IRA is on 90-day probation...

I'm pretty ticked off that I let about $0.80 per share of profit pass me by on this!

+7.39% gross on this trade...

Out of GTE @ $5.69...

I know this trade didn't last long, but volume appears to be tapering off and with a low beta of 0.9, I don't want to be stuck in this if it should start ranging or falling.

We've got one more hour of trading left and we weren't able to hit half the volume as the day before.

Is It True That There Will Only Be One Hawk Left At the Fed By the End of the Year?

If so, will Professor Kocherlako-tata be one of the ones to go (is that a pun)?

I secretly hope so...

I'm even starting to realise what a schoolgirl crush I have on Bernanke...

Adorable: JPM Bet Against JPM - And Won...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Crossed That Bridge...

... breaking and closing above the 2593.32 level on Nasdaq, which is the 50% annual Fib level. This is bullish ammunition for my crony capitalist market buddies. VIX closed at 30.89 and if we see a break of the horizontal support level a little bit below this level, we know a new dynamic has officially been established. All throughout the summer, when the Eurozone crisis was the topic of the season, this was a very key and pivotal secret handshake / market covenant / bubbling cauldron type of level.

I'm looking at Nasdaq as just like the GOLs, it is a risk barometer and usually precedes the other indexes. I've also noticed that Hang Sang and Nikkei have been the followers lately - unless something important happens during the weekend.

+0.33% SBA
+2.79% Roth IRA (BCS and HWD doubled my fun and trading plaisir)

+0.90% DJIA
+0.84% Nasdaq
+0.98% S&P

+0.85% FTSE

Nasdaq wasn't able to outpace its counterparts, which sometimes leads to a pullback the next day. And very eerily, it closed with a % gain that is similar to FTSE. Does it mean that I overpaid for GTE?

Whilst GTE is trading with a P/S and P/B way above 1, it has a lot more cash than debt on its balance sheet and just broke above its 50-day SMA with a spike in volume.

Come on, market buddies - I want to be able to shop Black Friday in full stride!

Into GTE @ $5.65

Since I couldn't get a signal on any of the shorter term charts, I decided something bigger must be happening. Plus, Nasdaq broke above its annual 50% Fib level today - finally!

Sold BAC @ Market = $6.6512

Lost $0.8288 per share on this partial lot, or about 11%. Will use this capital for another play in a similar price range...

JPM earnings out tomorrow and the bears are already moaning about how trading must have taken a slump.

It's Getting More Coverage Than Occupy Wall Street

The 'I gave you one thing to do and you can't even do it' comments about Alcoa (AA) are all over the place.

Yes, AA missed analyst estimates, but that's still $172 million in Q3 profits - more than BAC can do!

I sold, but I'll watch it for buy on a dip opportunities.

Fraidy Lady: Out of AA @ $10.11

Lucky I could get out with barely a scrape on this one, but in hindsight, it would have been prudent to take profit yesterday and not today. Who knows? It could be on its way even higher, but I'm looking at other plays already.

I've noticed two things - it's always more profitable to get in before other people's money starts pouring into a stock and there always seems to be a second opportunity to buy after a news announcement if the stock has already posted some sort of gain before a news event.

So I want to start getting out of a stock when Money Flow starts showing signs of exhaustion and next time, I'll try selling right before an event if I've got paper gains and buy back at my original entry after the news event.

I swear, if I miss out on some more profits by being fraidy...