Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Goin': Mitt Romney Would Pay 0.82% Taxes Under Paul Ryan's Plan

I'll be the first to admit that I should be working my assets off right now instead of blahing - especially since Network Solutions had a massive DDOS-induced shutdown over the weekend, resulting in zero email for me for several hours.  So sadly, even if I wanted to, I couldn't work this weekend, but luckily, the man I had been waiting on over the past two weeks to give me a financial lifeline finally wrote back to me this morning - and even more luckily, I received his email.  So right now, I should really be thinking about creating a compelling proposal to send to him.

But when I hear the word "tax," my ears perk up and it's a debate I don't want to miss.

So what's this about Mitt Romney being able to pay 0.82% taxes under Paul Ryan's smokin' hot plan and how the poor will get poorer?    

Social security always seems to get thrown into the mix in such a debate and what everyone seems to overlook is that social security has historically been, and still is, a self-funding programme.  Check out Line 3 of this Wikipedia article on the Social Security Debate and I'll quote it word for word: "During 2011, total benefits of $736 billion were paid out versus income (taxes and interest) of $805 billion, a $69 billion annual surplus. An estimated 158 million people paid into the program and 55 million received benefits, roughly 2.87 workers per beneficiary."

The problem is not the taxation bit, but the expenditure bit.  Line 9 of aforementioned article: "
Further, the government has borrowed and spent the accumulated surplus funds, called the Social Security Trust Fund."  

Ooops... so that's what going over the budget "line by line" gets you!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Honey, I Sold EATR!

Remember EATR from my "penny stocks will definitely make me rich" days?  

Well, I've finally sold it for $0.0002 per share!

Woohoo for a two figure net profit and getting rid of dead wood...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Holey Moley... Scary & Hairy!

Seriously OMG... Last night, while I was grilling up some Pat LaFrieda sliders, I saw a small mouse crawl out from under the dishwasher and attempt my way.  It came within inches of me when I yelped and it went sprinting back underneath the dishwasher.  Eeewww... After steam cleaning the floor hundreds of times, I decided to look under the dishwasher - only to discover a crevice about an inch high.  

Thoughts of the mouse being able to return any time it wanted made me scheme up a temporary solution.  Two pieces of cardboard and yards of 3M clear shipping tape later, I feel just a tiny bit safer.  

I'm far away from Park Avenue, but for the rent I'm paying, this shouldn't be happening.

This made me think of all the crevices in my financial plan - and right now, my trading is one of them and living in NYC could be another.  I'm even contemplating moving back to Belgium, but that would be too expensive to do now that I've got all this furniture from Neiman Marcus / Horchow.  I read something somewhere a while back that one needs to start closing out financial leaks before security becomes an attainable and sustainable thing.  

A little more than two months ago, my sister announced that she was buying a second house and to make a long story short, my Dad had given me a pre-emptive warning that she was not allowed to pay me back for the downpayment I contributed to the first house, which is only under her name.  If like truly attracts like, then am I being too mousy?  The answer could be a resounding yelp of a yes and now I'm going to have to be semi-Republcian and stand up for my financial rights.   

I haven't attended two family gatherings already and am quietly building up evidence to force my sister to repay me - legally and ethically.  

I've been working 12-16 hour days for over two months now and although I have over 175 strategic partners and counting, financially, it doesn't show.  Yet something really beautiful and creative is starting to emerge and if I can get through these next few months, this could be the start of something very amazing indeed.  

Dare I dream?  If Romney gets voted in, we all have everything to hope for...