Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out of TGB @ $3.63...

Didn't mean to rhyme there...

And not much of a profit either since I've been in it for over two months.

$0.21 per share, or +6.41% gross.

I'm getting out because the 10-day 15-minute chart is starting to show MACD bearish divergence and Money Flow is beginning to look oversold.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Into KWK @ $5.165

I noticed Citi upgraded at least two oil and gas companies today and whilst KWK didn't get the biggest endorsement, it was included. Not sure how many other companies were on the Citi upgrade list...

Right now, KWK is sitting right near its 52WL and very close to its 10-day 15-minute 25 period SMA. Short ratio of 6.6 and short interest of 21.5% of float. There's been a spike in volume as well with 10 day volume exceeding 3 month average volume by a good margin.

Open Outcry with PQ @ $6.54...

Profit of $0.31 per share, or +4.97% gross...

In hindsight, just taking profit a few days earlier instead of waiting so long for virtually the same result would have been much more exhilarating.

I'm officially on probation at E*Trade once again, but maybe I should take that as a compliment and a sign of relative trading success?

What should I get into next?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We're On Thin Ice...

Things don't look good with PQ. We rejected $6.75 and closed below $6.50.

Even I have to say it's starting to look iffy, but I'm still waiting for Money Flow to cross over - something that hasn't happened for days on end.

If Advance GDP and Consumer Sentiment come in better than expected tomorrow, this could trigger the bullishness I'm hoping for.

Whoa, Is This Real?

Good morning, Professors of Finance who give expert testimony on national TV!

Natural gas storage @ -192 billion?

It doesn't seem to be doing PQ any good today...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beautiful PQ Chart

It would have been a perfect day had I not called 9FM at the wrong time. I was quoted in an industry publication for the first time in my career and Bernanke gave the market some extra incentive to be jolly.

9FM was in a bad mood because I've been contacting him day and night about this project that I want him to get involved in. He was traveling and I would have waited till he was back in his hometown, but I really needed to get an answer. I'm worried that we may financially break up, but I have yet another new business idea that I want to start exploring outside of this industry. I'm hoping it'll be my lucky break because I'm ready to give up. I figured that the one common denominator of my career difficulties lately is I've been focused on a single industry. If I move away from it, will I find success?

I've been pushing against resistance for some time now and after implementing about 30% of my 55-point marketing plan and waking up at weird hours for most of December and now January, I have to start getting results soon.

The year has only just begun, but somehow I feel like it's already ended. I don't want the rest of the year to be this way.

I'm 32 years old so maybe it's time I start realising that just because you've done everything right, it doesn't mean that life will be fair.

Anyway, back to trading... I want to share this beautiful PQ chart with all the HSFTs out there! Notice the two key breaks to the upside on this 10-day 15-minute PQ chart. First, we got a horizontal break and then a break and close above the ascending triangle. Chances are we may see some further upside - especially if Money Flow is co-operative.

Son of A Pitch!

Did Bernanke hit it out of the park or what?

We've got a low-rate pledge till late 2014...


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OMG, BFF Is Going To Be So Jealous...

I can now trade forex directly on E*Trade! Apparently, they've got a little something going on with DailyFX.

Not that I'm actually thinking of having forex. But SENSEX?


Into PQ @ $6.23...

Couldn't wait for $6.12...

Let's see how this goes!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Out of PQ @ $6.40...

+0.28 per share profit, or + 4.5% gross.

Will try to buy again @ original entry of $6.12...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Into PQ @ $6.12...

Prices rejected $6 and closed right above $6.10 on the 10-day 15-minute chart.

Plus I like how Money Flow still has a lot of room to start moving upwards...

Not So SLT-ty @ $9.0607...

Yep... finally got out @ a $0.6413 per share profit, or +7.61% gross.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Into JRCC Again @ $6.7399

Yes, sirreee... First buy of the year... and hopefully will be able to take profit on it quite quickly too!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Out Of WNR @ $15.081...

Finally! Finally!

Profit of $0.981 per share, or +6.95% gross.

Happy New Year, btw...