Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OMG... OMG... Do You Want Sighs With That?

My piety has resulted in a Catholic schoolgirl miracle since 9 Figure Man and I are getting together! He finally agreed to fill my wallet after I sent him an offer he obviously couldn't refuse. He nearly got me asking if he wanted sighs with that. I never thought it would happen, but it did! All he was ever after was a distressed sale and I gave him one. Even though the offer we both agreed on was substantially less than my previous salary - something close to my salary before the whole Madoff accusations, I am viewing this as my first step towards a sustainable seven figure business. There could be many more of these coming for me in the next few weeks and I have so many other new ideas I want to explore after my first gig.

I'm going to have to get cracking on his 9 Figure Plot to dominate our industry, which will give me many more sleepless nights. If he finds out I still have time to blah, he definitely won't be happy. He's very possessive it seems and I have to travel soon. But he'll definitely be my Sultan for the next few weeks...

And I wish to please him since he's my first client, which means I will have to do my homework and go out of my way to ensure his every need is met to the highest level of satisfaction.

HSFTs, if you don't hear from me, it can only mean good news!

Oh, I'm so excited... yes, yes, yes!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome To A New Season of ForexDiva...

... and it begins with violin music playing in the background as not just one, but two, six figure accounts fail to materialise for Happy Shiny ForexDiva.

I have a very bad feeling that this was all part of a very big convoluted joke on me and have literally been crying about it. When we left off, 9 Figure Man was about to fill my wallet, but I told him... wait till next week, which got him really, really turned on. So he came back to me the following week and said: I'll fill your wallet with a +10% increase and I told him no again and sent him another counteroffer. He then left me burning with financial need for two weeks, after which I reluctantly agreed to his offer. I thought it was all well and good, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve. After bidding me up and killing all the other bidders, he decided to start killing me too.

And kill me he did! At the last minute, he wanted to half in half out with me and cut the work involved in half, leaving me with an offer that stood at 50% of the original offer. I was so ticked off that I asked him to send his offer in writing, which ticked him off some more, resulting in me sending him a final counteroffer that he then refused. It got bad! He told me he had never met anyone with a bigger ego - only he paraphrased it by saying that he had never met anyone with such high expectations.

I then tried another account, only to be rejected on the same day. The stimulus withdrawal hurt - especially against the backdrop of a rapidly retracing portfolio! I remember my Roth IRA being -20% at one point, or at least it felt that way. Now, it's still about -11% off.

So after lunch with a colleague, I went straight to Church today and lit a tonne of candles. But I did not go into the Confessional Booth. I did what I thought was right and I'm not going to make any excuses for it. I had to stand up for myself even if dignity can't pay the bills.

For now, I've decided to focus on other markets rather than my previous industry and will also be back to trading, although I should most probably sell rather than try to buy since none of my recent buys have been successful with the exception of HWD.

The only bright spot recently was reading BFF Forex Broker's Market Commentary. It was so good that it made me say 'Wow!' And Boris Schlossberg made a cameo appearance in my dream too, but I won't disclose all the details, not that it was inappropriate.

I feel like the biggest bimbo on earth, but I'm going to keep going because I have some interesting ideas I want to explore and I know there's a Happy Shiny Place in this world for me. And if I gave up, I wouldn't be ForexDiva!

I hope you're all welcoming me back with open arms, Professors...