Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Up, Harry?

HWD formed a new high once again today, but failed to touch $17, although it closed above yesterday's close - which is significant, but not as encouraging as I'd like. The price gap is big and there are enough sellers to create this meaningful disparity. I like how both the buyers and the sellers clearly have an opinion about where Harry should be headed next.

As we speak, the final bid stands at $15.86 with the ask positioned at $16.45.

If it wasn't for Harry Winston, the firefighter of my portfolio, my Roth IRA would be in a very sad state. As it is, the gain I'm experiencing with Harry is about to offset the losses from MFG, NMR, and BAC. How sizzling is that? This is if HWD is able to sustain its competitive advantage.

-1.27% SBA
+0.42% Roth IRA

-0.18% S&P
-0.25% DJIA
+0.15% Nasdaq

Unfortunately, Bwahaha Levels are starting to occur on NMR and MFG. My original Bwahaha bid levels were something like:

$1 on MFG
$4.65 on NMR
$3.99 on MTU

I couldn't keep my trading legs crossed and got in at market on that historic nymphomaniac day, resulting in losses ranging from 4 to 15%. I have a feeling that I might need to wait at least a month to see any sort of move up if the BP oil spill is a good indicator to go by.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just When I Thought...

... that if you've seen it once, you've seen it all with my trading, things started turning around with my portfolio. And not only did every woman in my building's firefighter fantasies come true yesterday since we had a bit of an emergency here - a flood (my second in a span of less than a year - how weird is that?), but happily, the dubbaya double bottom pattern that I love seeing seems to be forming on the 3-month charts on many, many stocks - including NMR and MFG.

My recently rebalanced portfolio - the Roth IRA - has started treading upwards and Harry has been touching me on many levels with that regard, breaking above a new high today and closing above it very, very firmly.

-2.4% SBA (negligible pain)
+1.2% Roth IRA (pleasurable gain)

+0.67% S&P
+0.58% DJIA
+0.72% S&P

+2.64% Nikkei

I'm going to take some time to ponder what I should do about my SBA and check out what stocks from the Nasdaq I should add to it if the price is right.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Legal & Ethical

I'm officially legal and ethical in Texas and have devised a Bwahaha way to decrease my tax liabilities even in face of ridiculously high Federal corporate tax rates and ludicrously high New York City and New York State personal income tax rates. Here's an insightful article on the subject matter - not that I'm encouraging people to be legal but unethical, well maybe I am. But the only thing I hate more than Bernanke is having to pay a lot of taxes. Imagine having to regularly shell out one third of your income after slaving away for hours. In my diva opinion, tax rates should be no more than 15% max in totality.

Harry gave me some bliss by moving up +5.18% - although that doesn't offset what the Yen Men have been doing to me lately. Bad news for NMR as their Head of US Investment Banking quits. And yikes... check out the -11.51% extracurricular vertical price action on ZZ - not what I wanted to see as ZZ reported income of 0 cents per share after the market closed. I'm going to try to sell on a crazy price in Extended Hours Trading as usual.

For anyone who reverse-engineered me and noticed that my SBA is now worth less than what some people may have in their wallets, I don't mind. What counts most is what you think you're worth. And I always think I'm worth more, although my trading strategies can't seem to prove it lately:

+1.19% SBA
+0.15% Roth IRA (lagging market in general after recent rebalancing)

+0.68% S&P
+0.67% DJIA
+0.96% Nasdaq

It seems I need to start adding stocks from the Nasdaq to my account.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Austin (Not Powers)...

I have to create a legal and ethical business entity for my new consulting business and decided to try Texas since it is one of the few states that does not have an income tax. So theoretically, if I actually have business, I would be able to enjoy a huge tax advantage by saving myself at least 15%! I'm already fantasizing about stashing my cash in Texas and lettin' it grow.

If I'm more careful with my trading, I could be saving myself 15% left and right. It seems I bought at the wrong moment as all the squeaking about QE2 coming to an end has already started. I reckon it will continue through to at least Non Farm PayDay this week - and if job creation is considered quote unquote weak, we'll see some more selling until Earnings Season hits, which actually is right around the corner. When do I ever learn? Once options expiry occurs, the stove cools off and we have to wait until the market's yearning and burning for price action before jumping on the bandwagon.

Did I already mention that pre-Santa levels have been hit on a few stocks that I've been following - particularly on C, BAC, MS, BCS, and GEN?

Tomorrow, we'll get to witness either the destruction or the resurrection of my SBA since my horizontal foreplay with ZZ will officially end with its highly anticipated earnings announcement. Let's get on with the vertical action, I say - and by that, I mean upwards vertical action please.

Friday's Results:

-0.24% SBA

-0.88% Roth IRA

+0.32% S&P

+0.41% DJIA

+0.24% Nasdaq


+5.22% (totally, absolutely skewed due to the withdrawal of cash from this account and also since EATR went up)

-0.94% (painfully, unfortunately real due to undisciplined buying at the exact wrong moment)

Gains + Losses on both portfolios essentially balance one another out...

-0.21% S&P
-0.19% DJIA
-0.45% Nasdaq

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Back To Your Reef, Coral!

Harry didn't want to hold the $15 level for now, but I have a deep abiding faith that we'll be holding at least the $12.50 level until the end of the year. Nurse ForexDiva will be here to nurture Harry and make him grow! Harry's so masculine and powerful... In fact, this was the very moment I've been waiting for.

One of my new businesses is now beginning to show progress and I received a call out of the blue with very little effort on my part to work on a consultancy basis for a nine figure project yesterday. The Catholic Schoolgirl in me is not screaming though. I do not want to talk too much about it before it is solidified since the past few projects I've blah'ed about have disappointingly not come to fruition. I was very flattered though, although it isn't my first nine figure project.

I told someone the other day that I seriously didn't think I would be out of a job for so long and he was probably secretly rolling his eyes. I mean, it's been almost three months! But now, I am feeling the stove getting slightly warmer and soon, I think it'll get very hot.

My recent portfolio rebalancing did not pay off even though the market in general seems very steamy. I'm trying to figure out why. After selling C, it has been going down and looks like it's now about to reject the $4.40 area on its way back up. Perhaps I sold it too soon?

-0.04% SBA
-1.68% Roth IRA

+0.93% S&P
+0.70% DJIA
+1.41% Nasdaq

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coral & Harry

Is it any surprise that Harry was the highlight of my portfolio once again? Finally... better than expected earnings of $0.12 per share. Well done again, Monsieur De Narp! Comment allez vous?

My only regret is not having kept HWD in my SBA as a new 52WH was formed today, but who would have known really? But as I've mentioned before, I'm eyeing the $25 level as a possibility for HWD. Could it happen this year - or will it be next? I will buy on dips if I can even if it defies logic. What matters with a miner is not what's on the balance sheet, but what could happen to the materials coming out of the ground. Commodity prices and the retail landscape both happen to be on an uptrend and the likelihood of this benefitting Harry Winston is therefore substantial.

+0.01% SBA
+0.59% Roth IRA

+0.29% S&P
+0.56% DJIA
+0.54% Nasdaq

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Traded Like There Would Be No Tomorrow...

Yes, the nymphomaniac is back. And boy do I mean it! I couldn't get enough of the market today.

Sold C and HWD in the SBA - C at a four figure loss and HWD at a four figure gain. It made the pain of having to part with the Crown Prince much more palatable. Unfortunately, the SBA is now in major red territory overall as all my winners have been taken out of the running. I have yet to decide what to do with the moola in my SBA.

Next, I added a whole bunch of stocks to my Roth IRA as I had a beautiful five figure amount there waiting to be traded after selling BULIF and C.

Added BAC @ $13.91. I figured if I'm going to park my cash for a dividend increase play, it might as well be with BAC as it has a very similar profile to JPM, being a major acquirer of distressed assets during the global financial crisis. Recall that BAC's CFO got in at around this level at one point. Since I missed the move up from my $11.18 entry level back in late 2010, I've been secretly pining for more BAC. I finally did it today.

Added HWD @ $14.27... Love Harry too much to actually sell him for good. Plus with all the chatter about Rio Tinto moving more aggressively into diamond mining exploration, and with Harry Winston being a joint venture partner with Rio Tinto in the Diavik venture, I do dare to speculate that one day, Harry may potentially become an acquisition target of none other than Rio Tinto - if not by other sizable players. I would personally love to see Harry within the Richemont Group and prefer that to an LVMH merger. In fact, Richemont should join LVMH in also looking at my favourite brand, Hermes.

Added NMR @ $5.66... one of the few remaining banks that is highly undervalued according to my diva standards. Why? Take a look at the balance sheet. There's one secret ingredient that nobody looks at, which I like to use to spice up my trading. Hopefully, it still works! I kind of want my profit taking to be like Boris Schlossberg though.

-0.38% SBA
+0.45% Roth IRA

-0.36% S&P
-0.15% DJIA
-0.31% Nasdaq

+4.36% Nikkei

I'm looking to target 5-year chart levels now, loonie as it may seem...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sold More C...

Unfortunate that I didn't do it sooner. I waited all this time for a dividend increase and all we got was an announcement that Citi will be implementing a 10 for 1 reverse split and then doing a dividend increase in 2012? Thanks for ruining my retirement plan, Vikram Pandit! I'm not going to be doing any yoga with you. The least we deserve is a share buyback!

The Don't Be A Drag Just Be A Queen part of me said: We don't like reverse splits, so I got out at market on that partial position in my Roth IRA and have to figure out how to get out of the rest of the partial position in my SBA. If I don't do it soon, I'll be left with one share of C and a four figure loss. At least now, I can utilise the capital more efficiently.

Here's how I see it:

Pre-crisis, C had a dividend of $0.54 per share. With a 10 for 1 reverse split, that puts C at around $40 a share. In implementing the reverse split, dividends will also be reduced. At $40, you can either buy JPM or BAC at a much more attractive price. And JPM is even doing a share buyback, which means JPM will most likely be able to defend its value.

So, I ran the other direction even though earnings announcement are due 18 April 2011. Now I think I'm going to sell the rest of C and get into MFG or NMR - unless I find another balance sheet that makes my chart beat faster.

Will I be looking back on this and lamenting?

Don't know, don't really care either. I'm looking for better opportunities!

Friday's Report Card:

+0.88% SBA

+0.97% Roth IRA

+0.43% S&P

+0.71% DJIA

+0.29% Nasdaq


-0.76% SBA

+0.17% Roth IRA

+1.50% S&P

+1.50% DJIA

+1.83% Nasdaq

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do I Actually Know What I'm Talking About?

Not only do I feel like a bimbo, but I also feel like a zombie. It's been a few days since I decided to wake up early to get more work done and I think I'm just not having enough coffee or having too many thoughts about forex.

Anyway, it's not easy wearing a few different hats - applying for jobs, getting the silent no, prospecting for new business, networking, trading, starting yet another new artistic venture, looking hot for the Men of New York, etc. Can't even get a cup of coffee in edgewise. Didn't even eat lunch.

So the biggest reason I feel like a bimbo today is that I totally could have played this both ways! I could have bought the energy sector yesterday and then switched back to buy a Japanese financial sector stock. I totally should have done that - but didn't. And now that I reflect on it more, I totally should have found a new job before quitting. Now everyone thinks I got dissed and dismissed rather than the other way around, which it was! I was the one dissing and dismissing!

Back to trading... P/E ratios apparently don't matter during crisis situations. So I'm going to remember that. I had to paraphrase that in order not to be appear witchy, which I am, but I don't want to appear that way, but now I do even more because I revealed my innermost trading thoughts and feelings.

So let's do a recap of what's happening with the energy sector plays I fraidily didn't get into the other day: ICO, LNG, UNG, and PQ...

5-day timeframe:

LNG looks like it's forming a H&S
ICO looks like it's doing a little bit of a double or maybe a triple top
UNG and PQ both appear to be hitting uptrend channel resistance

Perhaps we're almost there and the selling will now slow down? The financial sector inched down a bit more today and is now +2.24% over the past three months, with life insurance approaching the red zone in a minor way. Will we get back to pre-Santa levels? C already seems to be there, but BAC isn't yet.

My conditional one-cancels-all buy on NMR or MTU or MFG still did not get hit and a tiny part of me is screaming get in now or you'll miss the ride. I'll see... if I miss the ride, what would be a good contingency plan?

The funniest thing is that some woman in my building literally threatened to kill herself yesterday - probably over some inconsequential trust fund baby type issue. I've been in Europe for almost a decade, so I'm not used to emotional, public outbursts like that anymore. It's actually sort of... well, never mind. I'll just censor myself again.

My report card for the day does not need censoring:

+1.83% SBA (results are a bit skewed due to EATR being in this portfolio)
+1.39% Roth IRA

+1.34% S&P
+1.39% DJIA
+0.73% Nasdaq

-1.44% Nikkei
+1.75% FTSE

Am I Actually Onto Something Here?

The markets continued to sell off today with the exception of Nikkei, which jumped over 5% in unison with the JPY hitting a postwar record high against the USD according to Given the circumstances, I was almost shocked when I opened my E*Trade platform to today's report card. My portfolio must look like a kept woman in comparison to the rest of the market. As in hush, hush - we don't want anyone to know about you, but we would like to experience your trading plaisir and take advantage of you with that regard. If you think I'm sounding more like Charlie Sheen than ever:

-2.12% SBA
-1.44% Roth IRA (most recently rebalanced)

-1.95% S&P
-2.04% DJIA
-1.89% Nasdaq

I am paying attention to the 3-month performance on all sectors and once financials drop into the red zone to erase all pre-Santa Rally gains, which is a little more than 3.23% away overall, I'll look at some more balance sheets once again.

Unfortunately, I can't click the undo button. Amongst the few things I wish I didn't do:

1. adding to C at this price level after selling BCS
2. adding to MFG about 15% too early

A few things I wish I had done:

1. sold more of C
2. implemented the out of BULIF and into ICO, PQ, UNG, or LNG instinctual play yesterday. Depending on whether I took profit or not, most of these had a pretty nice pop today with the exception of UNG, which can't seem to break above the 5-day high.

Although I'm not in them, I am continuing to monitor energy plays in general because these would give me an indication of how much more market pain we may be expecting. Another sector I'll be watching: life insurance companies as a sub-category.

I wonder if I should be thinking of getting into some forexual relationships now since Nikkei just opened in the red?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Trade That Launched A Thousand Pips...

I got up even earlier than yesterday and was rearing to go! I had been up all night and witnessed the -14% drop on Nikkei. I decided overnight that I better be done feeling sorry for myself or I'll be the one who's done. Then, a new trade idea finally hit me and after an hour long shower, I couldn't wait to get down to the library and do the trade that would (hopefully) launch a thousand pips. You know how I like Greek mythology...

Well, after another scary session, I'm only half in with my new strategy.

The first thing I did this morning was sell BULIF even though I had wanted to basically get out at a premium to even the largest shareholders themselves. I decided, well maybe I'm overdoing the TETSOB thing, so I'll just get out at everyone else's price. I don't know what went on with E*Trade, but it took them something like 20 minutes to execute my order.

Anyway, at that point, I was already more than an hour into doing my research. My instinct was to get into an energy play with my newfound cash and it would be either UNG, LNG, PQ, or ICO. After careful consideration, I decided I don't actually like any of the balance sheets, really. It's a combination of high debt and very high trailing 12 month P/E that got to me.

This is a pretty epic moment and something like this is thankfully not an everyday occurrence. So since I'm so cold-charted and calculating anyway, why not take it an extra step and pose the question: there's a broad based sell-off, which stocks do I really want to own?

I was clearly more than 15% too early by getting into MFG on Friday. But getting into a Japanese bank at this point can't be a long term mistake. Yes, resources to rebuild would be very obvious plays and anything from liquefied natural gas, coal, and oil to wood and steel have been mentioned in the media as requisite resources. But credit would more than likely be necessary to power the rebuilding effort as well and where would that credit come from other than the BOJ and then the commercial banks? So Japanese government bonds and commercial banks would also be good plays I reckon.

Plus, I actually think the Japanese bank balance sheets that I researched are good and would be even better if a few more price levels were unbuttoned. So I put in a conditional one cancels all order on Mizuho Financial Group (MFG), Nomura (NMR), and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MTU). Unfortunately, I did not get filled - yet. My levels are evil and I'm targeting to buy a break below 52WLs.

So is this the worst of it or will the market give it to us strong?

Sticks and stones may break my bones but brains and pips excite me...

Aujourd'hui, my portfolio clearly says: ForexDiva, show us why you didn't get into Columbia:

-0.78% SBA
-1.64% Roth IRA

-1.12% S&P
-1.15% DJIA
-1.25% Nasdaq

-10.55% Nikkei

I'm going to keep going even if I'm my only cheerleader!

Monday, March 14, 2011

All It Takes Is One TETSOB Trade A Year...

... to keep a woman in perpetual bankruptcy. Last year, I took two - namely, the HP Incident and the Too Legit To Quit Incident.

This year, I learned my lesson and thankfully implemented a little bit of self-restraint, which limited my losses for the day even though I made the most untimely buy on MFG on Friday, which despite having globally diversified operations, got the guilty by association treatment today. It hurt, although my monetary losses are nothing compared to the tragedy unfolding in Japan. FYI: Kathy Lien started a Forex Traders for Japan Earthquake fundraiser. Bless her chart!

I woke up early this morning and was so excited about being able to attend a Brian Dolan webinar for a change. I now need a tonne of coffee to stay awake and even worse... boy was I surprised when the presenter turned out to be none other than BFF forex broker. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed because I know BD is a JPY expert and with the $265 billion in emergency funding provided by the BOJ today, it would have been a very good learning experience to hear BD's insights during this critical juncture. BFF forex broker is very knowledgable, but BD is an industry veteran! I'm sure BFF could be the next BD somewhere down the road - especially if he works really hard.

Anyway, my portfolio underperformed the market by about three times today, but over the weekend, I took three seemingly productive courses of action:

1. researched 30+ potential five to six figure opportunities for my currently zero dollar business
2. researched some more balance sheets and noticed that P/E ratios on most financial sector stocks are healthy - contrary to reports about the market being overbought. Retail stocks are a different story though and AMZN has a shocking 66.86 P/E whilst SKS has a P/E of about 55.69.
3. applied for some more six figure jobs. It's grueling, but I know I have to keep at it because the moment I stop, the moment I totally kill my financial future if I haven't already.

I'm starting to think maybe something is wrong with me and that I've been on a drug called Charlie Sheen, especially after today's report card:

-1.89% SBA
-1.67% Roth IRA

-0.60% S&P
-0.43% DJIA
-0.54% Nasdaq

-6.18% Nikkei (wait... isn't that like a Fib number?)

I could almost beg Bernanke to give us some QE3, but the BOJ's massive liquidity injection today must count for something. And I'm not that desperate!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Am I Living In Sin?

I'm taking the weekend to think about this!

MFG: New Day, New Trade...

I wish I had better news to report. My six figure meeting turned into zero, which means I wasted two hours psycho-analysing this company's business. I did learn a lot from doing that analysis and it really is their loss. I'm a great person to work with, even if I have to say so myself - and darn it, I'll say it. LOL.

Anyway, today, I jumped into a new exciting trade. The newest addition to my portfolio is Mizuho Financial Group (MFG). I got in at $3.90 and it's in my Roth IRA.

So here's why they're bona fide Ministers of Finance:

1. If my news isn't old, MFG is one of Lehman's largest creditors. I've been looking to diversify my Lehman exit play since I don't know if my bond ladder is all that great. While I was doing my research, I was so flattered to learn that Mr. Paulson and I are once again in the same boat since he is one of the largest Lehman bondholders. I have such a schoolgirl crush on his glasses it's not even funny. I wonder if he'll also get into MFG - or if he's already in MFG.
2. Net Income as a percentage of revenues = 23.26% (higher than most major US banks and even higher than GS)
3. Quarterly earnings growth = 108.70% (in percentage terms, this is even higher than JPM)
4. 4.44% dividend yield
5. Strong bidding going on in today's action - which is why I jumped today.
6. 5-year chart... I'm watching horizontal price level just above $3.50 or so. The European Debt Crisis excuse caused a brief break below it. I think once Lehman exits from bankruptcy, MFG could wind up testing its 5-year high at $15. Even if the test is at the $10 level, the risk:reward could cause some throw your head back type trading plaisir.

5-Year Chart:

So I've got three hot pots on the stove for Lehman's exit from bankruptcy:

1. Lehman bonds
2. MFG
3. C

Now, if MFG or C will both increase their dividend...

Judging from C's dividend history, a quarterly dividend increase to $0.16 will equate to a 17% dividend yield on my Roth IRA partial position.

Do it, C!

Happy Weekend...

P.S. My portfolio is clearly in need of some more stimulation:

-0.36% SBA
+0.28% Roth IRA

+0.71% S&P
+0.50% DJIA
+0.54% Nasdaq

I Crossed My Trading Legs And Hoped to Sigh...

... but was it any surprise that I had one of the worst performances in a while today? What goes up must come down - eventually. I hope no one's holding it against me that I slipped up yesterday by forgetting my E*Trade login security thingy, but even if you do, I don't really care. I do know I'm going to have to be a little bit more responsible now.

Last night, I was doing my own homework and have a few new trading ideas. First, I'm going to start getting ready for Lehman's exit from bankruptcy! Since the oil drama's going on, this might actually be the best time to position myself. I have a target in mind already, but I'm going to spend time getting to know its balance sheet first before I jump.

Secondly, I liken today's trading environment to the HP Incident or BP oil spill that happened last year. Obviously, they're different - but fundamentally similar. I know my friend Tim made a really smart trade last year at the height of drama, so I'm going to spend some time going over what went on last year and seeing if I can find a similarly well-played setup.

Oooh... I've got a big meeting tomorrow and I'm hoping to walk out of there with six figures. I went to Sephora today and bought myself the cutest girly girl nail file. What? One must dress for success. I'm also going to do my own homework and prepare my presentation... wish me luck!

Speaking of luck, anything would be better than today's price action, I reckon:

-2.92% SBA
-1.61% Roth IRA

-1.89% S&P
-1.87% DJIA
-1.84% Nasdaq

I am far from discouraged though. Notice how the most recently rebalanced Roth IRA has fared better than my SBA and the major stock indices. This means that frequent rebalancing could be a very promising strategy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Uh, That's Not A Footrest, ForexDiva...

I haven't been to church in the longest time since I'm really not all that Catholic anyway - just in the most important way. I noticed today that since my last visit, they've enhanced the church benches by installing some footrests. Good going! A bunch of people also somehow know I've been to church. I wonder why?

Can't reveal my report card today as I left my E*Trade login security thingy upstairs and don't want to lift a finger or my trading legs to retrieve it. So, you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see whether my portfolio remains scantily clad. I do reckon I did fine today as HWD and C didn't deviate with too much volatility.

I think the biggest news today, aside from my Oh, Pious Lady venture to church was the revelation that PIMCO has started selling Treasuries in a major way and Dynergy's spooky Bwahaha. If Dynergy really does file for bankruptcy, then GEN might indirectly benefit. So if GEN retraces in a big way due to the sector sell-off effect, I may add to it - especially if it goes for $2.99.

So is more good news on its way for the stock market faithful? I'm looking to the GOLs to lead the way. If GBP/USD and GBP/JPY start skyrocketing, I won't hold it against the GOLs for leaving me out of the ride, but will instead view it as further confirmation that it's now safe to buy. I am thinking of getting some more forex ed though as I am really out of practice.

On a personal note, I am determined to be a part of April's Non Farm Payroll additions! I blasted my resume out to another four or five companies yesterday after observing that a whole bunch of companies are suddenly looking for Marketing Directors. I also started my own marketing consultancy. I'm not boxing myself in! At lunch with my friend today, he mentioned that I should go both routes to maximise my possibilities! I agree. Who says I can't both get a new job as well as run my own business?

The greater the number of income streams, the faster the wallet gets filled...

This Is Rare...

... but I actually have nothing to say except to reveal my report card for the day:

+1.94% SBA
+1.45% Roth IRA

+0.89% S&P
+1.03% DJIA
+0.73% Nasdaq

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Powers That Be Are Working With Me...

Oh yes they are! In case nobody heard, Bulgari is being acquired by LVMH in the biggest OMG OMG OMG YES way. Sorry for Catholic schoolgirl crush screaming, but could it get any hotter than this? Recall my back-in-the-day musings about Bulgari potentially becoming a takeover target...

Last week, Harry took my temperature after the Crown Prince nearly gave me a chart attack. Today, Harry followed the luxury trend higher and gave my portfolio a little more TLC since people obviously are wondering... who's next, Monsieur Arnault?

Thursday's Report Card

+1.28% SBA

+1.4% Roth IRA

+1.72% S&P

+1.59% DJIA

+1.84% Nasdaq

Friday's Report Card

+0.87% SBA

-1.83% Roth IRA

-0.74% S&P

-0.72% DJIA

-0.5% Nasdaq

Today's Report Card

+2.95% SBA
+3.66% Roth IRA
-0.83% S&P
-0.66% DJIA
-1.40% Nasdaq

I am now going to look for undervalued + overlooked stocks in the Nasdaq and DJIA for potential trading opportunities. That does not mean I will really buy though. Balance sheet comes first. If I see no tempting trading opportunities, the trading legs will remain Catholic schoolgirl crossed.

P.S. BULIF was +$6.11 today, translating to a +57.53% yay! Tendering was started at 12.25 EUR, so if I can get a good premium over that, I'm selling...

P.P.S. HWD bucked the trend with a buck increase (+$1.00 or +7.60%)... I won't sell ya, Harry - not yet!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shake Your Money Maker...

So they wrote a song for me, did they?

I'm starting to wonder if I should have sold more of C. When it touched $5, I thought it would touch $5 again - and again. It is also possible that C is just unbuttoning some price levels and getting ready for some more price action to the upside.

I am certain Soros and Paulson are probably using much more sophisticated profit taking techniques that the average investor like myself will never have access to. Perhaps they're the options players that I keep psycho-analysing? Am I spelling that right? In Europe, I would be. So I just may try to do my first options trade involving C. It's silly to have all this price action and not take advantage of it, right?

GEN retraced like mad today, going south with a -3.81% retracement.

My portfolio managed to stay in the green even if IDGG was a clear miss, but it left me wondering... is the moola even greener on the other side?

+0.46% on the SBA
+0.38% on the Roth IRA

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sold Partial Position in C...

... that was placed in my SBA during Extended Hours Trading for capital preservation purposes. C is too close to my entry level on that partial position and I don't want to get hit with a retracement on my way out. Hopefully I did not shoot myself in the financial foot by sabotaging my future profits, but I'm already quite well positioned with C in the Roth IRA - where my investment horizon is much longer term.

I'm also surprised to see that ZZ bid sizes are still quite high. I reckon any positive housing news could now drive up ZZ. When people need to move, mattress sales go up, potentially leading to price action on ZZ.

Plus, earnings announcement is later in the month.

Au revoir... adios... sayonara... joi geen... a happy salute to this partial position of C...