Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yellen's Not Allowin' Any Sellin'

Oh, the bulls were in for it alright... in for more upside!

I pounded the pavement again yesterday, dashing from Fifth Avenue across to Broadway, then back for a series of four meetings - three of which were pretty productive.  Somehow, I ended up losing my Smythson Turqouise Collection crocodile print business card holder, which I bought at Heathrow Terminal 5 en route to Switzerland last year.  I'm pretty upset about this and have been asking around to see if anyone somehow found it.  If I can't find it, I doubt they will make one just like it again.  My favourite part was the slider mechanism to open and close the business card holder and it was even in coral.

The meeting that surprised me most was the guy who said he had five contacts for me suddenly backed out in a very Jekyll and Hyde, bet he's a Gemini kind of way (nothing against Geminis and I'm a Gemini).  I also met with one of my ex-bosses and he told me that he might potentially be interested in doing something more exclusive, but that I should check with the Big Guy In Belgium.  

I'm praying that between 9FM and my ex-boss, I'll have something to be thankful for this Thanksgivin'.

-1.67% Roth IRA

+0.69% DJIA

+1.22% Nasdaq
+0.81% S&P 

00.00% FTSE

-0.14% Eurofirst
+1.92% Nikkei
-0.04% Shanghai

+1.46% WTI

+1.92% Brent
-1.39% Gold
+1.22% Copper
+1.08% Corn

+0.58% GBP/USD

+1.13% USD/JPY
+1.40% EUR/JPY

+1.11% DJT

-5.52% VIX

0.79 Put / Call Ratio

0.080 Treasurys | DTCC GCF Repo Index

0.079 MBS | DTCC GCF Repo Index

+0.22% 5-Year US Treasury Notes

-0.29% 10-Year US Treasury Notes

72% Advancing Issues on NYSE                          |   72% Up Volume

25% Declining Issues on NYSE                           |   27% Down Volume
3% Unchanged                                                |   1% Unchanged
160 New Highs   |   73 New Lows

74% Advancing Issues on Nasdaq                       |   83% Up Volume

23% Declining Issues on Nasdaq                        |   16% Down Volume
3% Unchanged                                                |   1% Unchanged
184 New Highs   |   33 New Lows

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