Friday, November 22, 2013

The Chicken & The Egg...

I'm going to be pulling an all-nighter as I have to check in with both 9FM and my ex-boss.  As both are Gujaratis (they sure can sing!), Saturday is a regular workday for these two gentlemen.  I'm planning to call 9FM around 3:00 am and my ex-boss at around 5:00 am, so the tea kettle will be clocking in extra hours too.  Maybe I'll have time for a Bollywood movie in between, but I'll have to get out some emails as the transiting Leo Moon trine Sun aspect will trine one of my natal planets.

I'm in a delicate situation.  I'm working on a project and as usual, people want to see the chicken and all I have is an egg.  To get the egg to hatch, I have to be doing a lot of foundation work, which is what I've been doing.  Now the egg is a few weeks from hatching, but people still don't see that.  I'm convinced this egg will hatch and eventually the potential for this new market will be bigger than my trading ego.  The risk for me is that the more I put myself out there to turn this into a hatching chick, the dumber I'll look if I don't get the requisite funding to implement this.  People are afraid I won't be able to implement, but I'm afraid they won't provide me with sponsorship funding.

Now, I've got to get people to commit with military precision.  I have perhaps 5 companies willing to commit on a contingent basis, who are very serious about it.  But I need at least 8.  Not to mention my time is limited.  I'm like an option on the brink of expiring here...  And they are my Market Makers!

In terms of trading, I'm still hoping people will buy my LEAPs.  Doesn't seem to be happening...  Even a broken clock is right twice a day!  Perhaps one of my biggest problems was getting into stocks with very little analyst coverage (i.e. very little buyers).  This is definitely something I'm adding to my screening process.

-1.50% Roth IRA

+0.34% DJIA
+0.57% Nasdaq
+0.50% S&P 

-0.11% FTSE
+0.10% Eurofirst
+0.10% Nikkei
-0.43% Shanghai
-0.06% SENSEX
+0.49% Hang Seng

-0.64% WTI
+0.55% Brent
00.00% Gold
+0.83% Copper
-0.06% Corn

+0.53% EUR/USD
+0.64% EUR/JPY
-0.39% EUR/GBP

0.94 Put / Call Ratio

+0.36% DJT
-3.16% VIX

0.097 Treasurys | DTCC GCF Repo Index
0.100 MBS | DTCC GCF Repo Index

-0.73% 5-Year US Treasury Notes
-1.15% 10-Year US Treasury Notes

59% Advancing Issues on NYSE                             |   64% Up Volume
37% Declining Issues on NYSE                              |   34% Down Volume
3% Unchanged                                                   |   2% Unchanged
231 New Highs   |   55 New Lows

59% Advancing Issues on Nasdaq                          |   57% Up Volume
37% Declining Issues on Nasdaq                           |   41% Down Volume
4% Unchanged                                                   |   2% Unchanged
241 New Highs   |   24 New Lows

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