Monday, November 18, 2013

When The Diva Is Away, The Market Makers Come Out To Play...

On a day like today, where even the Bitcoin hit $750 and is up 107% in a week according to CNBC, one really, really has to wonda when it's all gonna be ovah...  

Although even Dear Carl Icahn is commenting on Twitter that the market might see a very big drop, I'm done trying to catch the top.  There's no point in a diva like me expressing a point of view when one word from the Big Guys is worth more than a thousand words of mine.  When the glove don't fit, they still don't acquit.

Every time I have a put, the underlying moves in my direction one day after expiration.  Until I can figure out why this happens and how I can capitalise on it, I'm out...  

Case in point: I had TSLA $125s and $100s and right after options expiry, TSLA dropped over $16 at one point today, closing off about $13.87 or -10.24%.

Why this week and not last week?  Why, Mike?  Why?

If Carl Icahn has his way, then my SPYs might finally go into the money...

-20.16% SBA
-1.49% Roth IRA

+0.09% DJIA
-0.93% Nasdaq
-0.37% S&P 

+0.45% FTSE
+0.49% Eurofirst
-0.01% Nikkei
+2.87% Shanghai
+2.21% SENSEX
+2.73% Hang Seng

0.78 Put / Call Ratio

-0.34% DJT
+7.47% VIX

0.138 Treasurys | DTCC GCF Repo Index
0.139 MBS | DTCC GCF Repo Index

-2.22% 5-Year US Treasury Notes
-1.14% 10-Year US Treasury Notes

38% Advancing Issues on NYSE                          |   32% Up Volume
59% Declining Issues on NYSE                           |   62% Down Volume
3% Unchanged                                                |   6% Unchanged

35% Advancing Issues on Nasdaq                        |   24% Up Volume
62% Declining Issues on Nasdaq                         |   74% Down Volume
3% Unchanged                                                 |   2% Unchanged

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