Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Has My Moment Finally Come? The Pigs May Finally Be In For It... Most Likely Due To Dear Carl Icahn...

Followers of Dow Theory look for upticks in both the DJIA and the DJT for confirmation and it just so happens this perfect correlation is being threatened very suddenly with the DJT experiencing a steep daily drop of -1.00%.  

If we're targeting 3-month lows on the SPY and things really start breaking down, SPY 165 is fair game.  My question is whether this will happen before my options expire.  

What I should have done, but I didn't do today, was to get into some SPXU calls.  I was feeling so dejected yesterday that this moment was staring right back at me on the 10-day 15-minute SPY charts that I didn't see the big red candlesticks starting to overwhelm the Buy the Dippers.  

The rejections are starting to come in with a few candlesticks that signal that the bulls are being smacked down with every uptick.  

This might be the time I should have been upping my risk, but will ultimately end up missing the signal that turns out to be the one to be adamant about.

With 9FM traveling from Africa last week to Russia this week, I still haven't been able to jump on his treasure trunk yet.  We spoke for a minute last night, but since he had some business meetings, we will have to reconvene on Friday.  I want him and I want him bad... financially that is!

-0.06% DJIA
-0.44% Nasdaq
-0.20% S&P 

-0.38% FTSE
-0.65% Eurofirst
-0.25% Nikkei
-0.19% Shanghai
-0.01% Hang Seng

+0.34% WTI
-1.32% Brent
+0.06% Gold
+0.21% Copper
+1.58% Corn

+0.46% EUR/JPY

-1.00% DJT
+2.21% VIX

0.81 Put / Call Ratio

0.098 Treasurys | DTCC GCF Repo Index
0.100 MBS | DTCC GCF Repo Index

-2.88% 5-Year US Treasury Notes
-1.27% 10-Year US Treasury Notes

30% Advancing Issues on NYSE                          |  31% Up Volume
66% Declining Issues on NYSE                           |  67% Down Volume
4% Unchanged                                                |  2% Unchanged

36% Advancing Issues on Nasdaq                       |   39% Up Volume
61% Declining Issues on Nasdaq                        |   60% Down Volume
3% Unchanged                                                |   1% Unchanged

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